Terms and Conditions


To participate in a balloon flight, you must:

  1. Be in good phyical and mental condition.
  2. Not be pregnant!
  3. Be 5 years or older.
  4. Read and sign a liability release waiver the day of your flight. (This can be sent to you to review prior to scheduling a reservation.)
  5. Prior to your flight, you will be required to read and sign a statement that you acknowledge that all photographs or videos taken during your tour are for non-commercial use, or, you must provide us with a copy (for our records) of your permit from the Navajo Nation Office of Broadcast Services (tel. 928-871-6655).

Deposit Policy

The following oulines our policy on deposits and flight payments:

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your reservation or reduce the number of passengers in your party no less than 14 days prior to your scheduled pickup date and time.